Venice Equity Alliance — A collective alliance dedicated to bettering the lives of the most excluded and oppressed in Venice, California

Principles of Venice Equity Alliance

We are a collective alliance dedicated to bettering the lives of the most excluded and oppressed folks of Venice, and in doing so steer Venice as a whole.

We aim to encourage dialogue and action that promotes fair equity distribution in Venice to ensure the leadership of the historically economically challenged and working class Venetian, which includes those who self-identify as Venetian, and specifically acknowledges African American, Indigenous, Traveling People, Latinx, Womxn, and LGBTQ contributions and concerns. We are building a Venice, a coastal community; that is sustainable and equitable for all life that is anti-racist and anti-sexist. We are committed to language justice; creating a space where everyone can express themselves in the language of their choosing.

The Alliance is committed to: Unity, Shared Work, Raising Consciousness of ourselves and others, Being present and informed, acting as solid allies to each other, staying open to growth. We are committed to telling our history of Venice.

Collective knowledge will be one of our aims, where the most marginalized voices are heard; this includes the voices of poor and working class Venice, and especially that of youths and elders. We will build collective knowledge together through collective analysis, this includes decolonizing on a daily basis and in between meetings.

We will be guided by members who take it upon themselves to attend the most meetings and steer the Alliance. Our decision making structure (even if temporary) will strive for consensus. If no consensus, rely on 80-90% vote if needed, defer to Alliance leaders who are low-income and/or from communities of color if needed.

All members will remain committed to actively and regularly engaging poor and working class, youth and elders to inform our work either collectively or individually to achieve equity.

Our allies/accomplices will be determined by the alliance in its entirety.