Venice Equity Alliance — A collective alliance dedicated to bettering the lives of the most excluded and oppressed in Venice, California

Venice Lives Celebration – August 3rd, 2019

A block celebration of Venice‚Äôs diverse community, happening August 3rd at Westminster Ave and 7th Ave from 10am – 6pm. 

This event is being planned by the Equity Alliance, a grassroots community organization that promotes a progressive vision of Venice, free from gentrification, racism, sexism, classism, environmental degradation and homophobia.  

We will demonstrate that real community does exist in Venice and it is still a place for all walks of life, not just the wealthy.  

This event will also show the cooperation that is taking place to sustain this vision. The Equity Alliance invites all those who stand for justice in the community to join us in celebrating the unique history of Venice and the lives of those who live and prosper there today.

Venice Lives!

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